Paving the Way to Kindergarten for Young Children with Disabilities
This article discusses creating a smoother transition by using a collaborative team approach to involve families, setting transition goals, and focusing on the needs and strengths of individual children.
Author: Amanda Fenion
Publisher: Reading Rockets

This online module teaches how to use a decision-making model for intentional activities to support a child and family for planning before, during, and after the transition.
Publisher: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge

Transition to Kindergarten | Tips for Children with IEPs
This guide offers some tips and resources to help ensure that both IEPs and kindergartens address children’s individual needs during transitions.
Publication Date: Winter 2014
Publisher: The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning

Transitioning to Kindergarten Toolkit
This kit includes practical and easy-to-use materials for administrators, pre-K teachers, child care providers, kindergarten teachers, and parents to help enhance children's transition to kindergarten.
Publisher: Get Ready to Read, National Center for Learning Disabilities

Transitioning to Kindergarten: A Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators
This toolkit, created by the AFT and the National Center for Learning Disabilities, includes tools and materials that will help you implement strategies to facilitate this process and enhance children’s transition to kindergarten.
Publisher: The American Federation of Teachers

Transitions and Alignment from Preschool to Kindergarten
This brief discusses two key elements to consider when coordinating the transition from preschool to kindergarten. It includes examples of state efforts and strategies for creating successful transitions.
Authors: Bruce Atchison and Sarah Pompelia 
Publication Date: September 2018
Publisher: Education Commission of the States