Physical Therapists

Determining Need for School-Based Physical Therapy Under IDEA: Commonalities Across Practice Guidelines
The authors examined 22 state and local education agency guidelines available online to find commonalities related to the determination of a student's need for physical therapy.
Authors: Carlo Vialu and Maura Doyle
Publication Date: October 2017
Publisher: Pediatric Physical Therapy

How School-Based Physical Therapy Promotes Equal Access in Education
This article provides information about physical therapists who work in schools as integral members of the educational staff and provide several benefits to children with and without disabilities in the school environment.
Author: Brett Sears
Publication Date: December 2021
Publisher: Verywell Health

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy: Processes and Procedures for Best Practices in Arizona’s Schools
This AZ-TAS document is designed to promote understanding of federal and state requirements for special education, state rules pertaining to licensure of therapists, and best practices put forth by the therapy professional associations.
Publication Date: Revised December 2018
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education

School-Based Physical Therapy Services: Predicting the Gap between Ideal and Actual Embedded Services
This study was conducted to determine the variables predicting the gap between ideal and actual practice in embedding school-based physical therapy services.
Authors: Valerie Clevenger, Lynn Jeffries, Susan Effgen, Sixia Chen, and Sandra Arnold
Publication Date: April 2020
Publisher: Pediatric Physical Therapy

The Role of School-based Physical Therapy: Successful Participation for All Students
This fact sheet discusses the multi-faceted role of physical therapists to provide support for academic and non-academic outcomes of students, including students with disabilities.
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher: Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy