Social Emotional Learning

10 Years of Social and Emotional Learning in U.S. School Districts Elements for Long-Term Sustainability of SEL
This report outlines six elements within a district that can help bring all stakeholders to the table to contribute to the long-term sustainability of social and emotional learning. Each element is drawn from experience of partnering with the Collaborating Districts Initiative and informed by a review of their implementation reports and relevant research.
Publication Date: November 2021
Publisher: CASEL

Arizona Social and Emotional Learning Competencies
The purpose of these competencies is to provide Arizona districts, schools, and those that partner with them, a set of desired knowledge, skills and behaviors that can be used to implement social-emotional learning within schools and classrooms and intentionally integrate within K-12 content areas.
Publication Date: September 2020
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education

Best Practices for Trauma-Informed Instruction
To support teachers and school staff in best supporting coping with trauma, this research brief examines best practices for trauma-informed instruction, including classroom-based strategies for identifying, supporting, and instructing students coping with trauma.
Publication Date: 2019
Publisher: Hanover Research

Fundamentals of SEL
The CASEL Framework creates a foundation for applying evidence-based SEL strategies to a community. Learn how it fosters knowledge, skills, and attitudes across five areas of social and emotional competence and establishes equitable learning environments and coordinate practices across four key settings that support students’ social, emotional, and academic development.
Publisher: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

How to Sell SEL: Parents and the Politics of Social-Emotional Learning
To better understand parents’ take on SEL and to explore possible pitfalls in communicating with them about SEL and its place in schools, this nationally representative poll of 2,000 parents of children in grades K–12 was commissioned. The results can help educators and policymakers gain parental support for their efforts.
Authors: Amber M. Northern and Michael J. Petrilli
Publication Date: August 2021
Publisher: Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Instructional Practices That Integrate Equity-Centered Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning
This brief refines pioneering work on the integration of SEL with academics and specifically addresses 10 educator practices that promote social, emotional, and academic development. The authors have updated the 10 practices to be more inclusive of the multiple spaces in which students learn and develop and to reflect recent learnings on culturally responsive practices, trauma-informed instruction, and the science of learning and development.
Authors: Nicholas Yoder, Angela Ward, and Sara Wolforth
Publication Date: December 2021
Publisher: American Institutes for Research

Making SEL Assessment Work: Ten Practitioner Beliefs
Belief statements are supported with deeper explanations of each belief as well as a rationale based in research. Actions are outlined to guide carrying out the belief statements, and each section ends with reflection questions.
Author: Courtney Franklin, Heather Hirsch, Brenda McLaughlin, and Susan Ward-Roncalli
Publication Date: November 2019
Publisher: American Institutes for Research

School Climate and Social and Emotional Learning the Integration of Two Approaches
This brief reviews research on how positive school climates support SEL and how improved SEL contributes to improved school climate in elementary and secondary schools. The brief discusses school climate, SEL, and blended models that have effects on school climate and social and emotional competence.
Publication Date: January 2018
Publisher: Pennsylvania State University

SEL Online Learning Module: Creating a Well-Rounded Educational Experience
This free online course was designed as an introduction to social and emotional learning for educators who endeavor to create a well-rounded educational experience. This introductory course is designed for all educators and school staff to ensure that the whole school community is engaged in the adoption and implementation of sustainable SEL practices.
Publication Date: March 2020
Publisher: American Institutes for Research

Teaching Social-Emotional Competencies within a PBIS Framework
The purpose of this brief is to describe how school personnel can teach social-emotional competencies within a PBIS framework to support systematic, schoolwide implementation through one system, rather than trying to improve student outcomes through separate, competing initiatives.
Authors: Susan Barrett, Lucille Eber, Kent McIntosh, Kelly Perales, and Natalie Romer
Publication Date: April 2018
Publisher: Center on PBIS, University of Oregon

The Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional, and Academic Development How Emotions and Social Relationships Drive Learning
This brief explains the science behind how the brain develops, how that development relates to learning, and the settings and contexts that are conducive to learning and development. It explains how brain development requires social relationships, emotional experiences, and cognitive opportunities.
Authors: Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Christina Krone
Publication Date: 2018
Publisher: The Aspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development

The Evidence Base for How We Learn Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development
This brief recognizes the deep connections among the social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, academic domains and the importance of each one, but the focus is on the body of evidence that highlights a set of skills and competencies, primarily social and emotional, that are often left out of conversations about academic learning.
Authors: Stephanie M. Jones & Jennifer Kahn
Publication Date: September 2017
Publisher: The Aspen Institute

Trauma-Informed School Practices Building Expertise to Transform Schools
This textbook in pdf form assists educators in the development of trauma-informed competencies required to transition to a trauma-informed educational environment. It details the foundational principles, how to apply those competencies, and how to sustain the trauma-informed practices.
Authors: Anna Berardi and Brenda Morton
Publication Date: September 2019
Publisher: George Fox University Library

Trauma-Sensitive Schools and Social and Emotional Learning: An Integration
This brief examines how trauma sensitive schools and social and emotional learning can be integrated and expanded to create safe, supportive, and culturally responsive schools that prevent school-related trauma and foster thriving, robust equity, and transformative learning with an enhanced equity lens.
Authors: David Osher, Kathleen Guarino, Wehmah Jones, and Mara Schanfield
Publication Date: May 2021
Publisher: Pennsylvania State University and American Institutes for Research