Auditory Processing Disorder

Arizona Department of Education AT Short Term Loan Library
Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services works in partnership with Northern Arizona University Institute for Human Development Arizona Technology Access Program to make available at no cost, a wide variety of assistive technology devices, equipment, software, and professional development materials to school personnel to improve access to assistive technology.
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education

Auditory Processing Disorder Factsheet (for Schools)
This factsheet provides information on what teachers should know about students with auditory processing disorder and how to support their learning in the classroom.
Publication Date: February 2021
Publisher: KidsHealth

Help for Kids with Auditory Processing Disorder
This article offers some changes parents and teachers can make in the environment to help kids with auditory processing difficulties listen and learn more effectively.
Author: Caroline Miller
Publisher: Child Mind Institute

Signs a Child Might Have Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory processing disorder interferes with both learning and interacting with other people. This article offers behaviors to look for that may be signals to auditory processing challenges.
Author: Caroline Miller
Publisher: Child Mind Institute

Take It From Me: Auditory Processing Disorder in Class
This article is written by high school student with auditory processing disorder. She shares some classroom and teaching techniques that helped her succeed—and that can benefit all students.
Author: Eliza Uberuaga
Publication Date: February 2016
Publisher: Learning for Justice

Understanding Auditory Processing Disorders in Children
This article explains that auditory processing disorder is an auditory deficit that is not the result of other higher-order cognitive, language, or related disorder and offers how it is diagnosed and treated.
Author: Teri James Bellis
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Understanding the Differences Between Auditory Processing, Speech and Language Disorders, and Reading Disorders
This document provides an overview of the differences among auditory processing disorders, communication disorders, and reading disorders to clarify the need for accommodations for students with communication and processing disorders. It is organized by definition of the disorder, treatment options, and accommodations, followed by results of a study that differentiates between reading and language disorders.
Publication Date: October 2014
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association