Deafness and Hearing Loss

Accommodations for Students with Hearing Loss
This is a list of accommodations and classroom modifications for the IEP or 504 Plan team to consider as they discuss what is needed to provide maximal access to the general curriculum and meet the learning needs of the student with hearing loss.
Publication Date: August 2012
Publisher: Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

Assistive Technology Short Term Loan Library
A wide variety of assistive technology devices, equipment, software and professional development materials are available free of charge to Arizona school personnel.
Publisher: Arizona Department of Education

Classroom Acoustics
This is comprehensive information regarding acoustical design for enhancing speech clarity and limiting background noise to protect speech quality for all students, not just those with hearing loss, and teachers.
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Deafness and Hearing Loss
This fact sheet defines, describes its characteristics, offers tips for parents and teachers, and connects you with related information and organizations with special expertise in that disability.
Publisher: National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Guidelines for Audiology Service Provision in and for Schools 
These guidelines are an official statement of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and provide guidance on audiology service delivery in and for schools. 
Authors: Merrill Alterman, Susan J. Brannen, Gail Rosenberg, Paula Schauer, and Evelyn J. Williams 
Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Hearing Impairment
This document defines hearing impairment and describes the effect of hearing impairments on children.
Publication Date: Revised July 2008
Publisher: Parent Information Network, Arizona Department of Education

The Secondary School Experiences and Academic Performance of Students With Hearing Impairments
This fact sheet provides critically needed information to understand the secondary school experiences and academic performance of students with hearing impairments in order to support improved outcomes.
Authors: Debra Shaver, Lynn Newman, Tracy Huang, Jennifer Yu, Anne-Marie Knokey, and SRI International
Publication Date: February 2011
Publisher: Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Special Education Research